Member Testimonies

Dr. Wahome Ngare

Lead consultant, Mercy Medical Centre, Nairobi and a Former Chairman of KMA Sacco


I joined the KMA Sacco in 2001 and am very proud to be one of the pioneer members.
In the same year, I became the secretary and a year later the treasurer.

As treasurer, I was charged with staffing and employed the Sacco’s first two employees in the year 2002.Like many doctors during my time, after graduating in 1991 I was employed by the government and worked with at the Westlands City Council Health Facility and Pumwani Maternity Hospital before joining the Aga khan hospital in 1996. In the same year I enrolled for my master’s programme and joined Mater Hospital where the work schedule was flexible enough to allow me continue with my studies.

As is common for many young doctors to take up low cum jobs, in the year 2000 I landed my first low cum and it was at this point that the KMA Sacco came in to support me buy my first car. For several years I worked with Cannan Medical Centre and it was during my tenure there that I took the leap of faith to set up my own private practice, Mercy Medical Centre. Once again, I turned to the Sacco for a development loan of one million shillings for my initial cash flow to run the clinic.

Currently, Mercy Medical Centre employs nine employees who include 3 nurses, a pharm technologist, an administrator two permanent doctors, an associate doctor and one doctor on attachment.As an institution, we save with the Sacco and in the recent past have managed to borrow 1.8 million with which we purchased an Ultra Sound machine. The Sacco has also enabled us purchase vehicles for two of our doctors.

All our employees are members of the KMA Sacco. Through the Sacco they are all benefiting from; a health cover with UAP, a life cover, a retirement scheme, workman’s compensation cover and motor vehicle insurance cover. I know for sure the health cover is coming in handy, as several of our employees have actually utilised it.

Plans to further expand our facility are underway. We have grown almost four times since starting up and with the new expansion plans, we hope to soon occupy a whole floor on Jubilee Insurance House and we are sure the Sacco will once again be of much help to meet the financial demands of the project.

Finally, my call to fellow doctors is to pull their funds together so as to invest in the health sector. As a Sacco we are committed to proactively mobilize savings and provide innovative products, services and solutions to encourage and facilitate investment in doctors and the healthcare sector.